Florence And The Machine - Hurricane Drunk chords

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After a while I decided just to put the entire thing on here. Hope it's ok. Be 
nice, this is the first one I worked out the chords to. Bit different to what I 
did originally but it sounds better and I think it's not bad.

Em7      G
No walls can keep me protected

A       G G 
No sleep Nothing in between me and the rain

Em7                       Em
And you can't save me now Cause I belong to the hurricane

Em                      G
I'm gonna blow myself away

    G     A
I'm going out

G                         A
I'm gonna drink myself to death

    G      A
And in the crowd

G                      A
I see you with someone else

Am        A
I brace myself

G                          A
Cause I know it's going to hurt

G                      Esus4                  A
But I like to think at least things can't get any worse

The chords are the same for both verses. The choruses are played the same but then 
there is this bit:

I hope that you see me

Cause I'm staring at you

But by the way that you look over

    Esus4 A     Esus4
You look  right through

Esus4             A        Esus4
Then you lean and kiss her on the head

      G             Esus4        A
And I never felt so alive and so dead

The rest is just the chorus from here. Make any changes to this you need. 
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