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Flying Burrito Brothers - Sweet Desert Childhood tab

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Subject: Sweet Desert Childhood     Flying Burrito Brothers      Chords/Words

thanks to Roy J for the words
please post corrections

Flying Burrito Brothers  Sweet Desert Childhood by Gene Parsons
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It was off the desert road
         C                            G
Fourteen miles up in the canyon I was born
Where the rocks were piled up high
And when the sun went down
They looked like big old monsters
You could yell out your whole name
        A7                            C
And the echo would come back crystal clear
And the silence was so deafening
        C                          G
I could hear it like thunder in my ears
I still taste the sweet cool water
      C                                 G
As it bubbled out to quench the burning sand

And the cottonwoods stood trembling
       C                                 G
As the desert wind blew soft across the land
Somewhere far away a coyote
A7                              C
Called out his mournful ghostly song
And I knew that very soon
C                               G
Sweet desert childhood would be gone
      C  Bm             C
Can a man ever go back home again?
      C        Am             D       C    G
Can a man ever live that way again?
The old windmill made a groan
      C                                     G
As it turned around to face the cold of the night
The proof of all existence
         C                          G
Crackled warm in the flickering firelight
And the stars were so perfect
        A7                               C
That I wondered might this all just be a dream
           G                      C                 G
Could this all-alone place really be as magic as it seems?
C              Am            C
Can a man ever go back home again?
C              Am            D           G
Can a man ever live that way again?

   From Flying Again
   Columbia Records
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