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Flyleaf - Tiny Heart tab

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Tiny Heart
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In this song, we will choose guitar 1 chords

Guitar 1 Chords:, standard EADGBe
F     - 133211
C     - x32010
Am    - x02210
Bb    - x13331
Bbm   - x13321
Dm    - xx0231
A/C#  - x4222x
Gm    - 355333
C#    - x46664

Guitar 2 Chords: standard EADGBe and a capo on 3rd fret, these are equivalent chords for 
1 and also corresponds the following order.
D     - xx0232
A     - 577655 or x02220
F#m   - 244222
G     - 355433 or 320033
Gm    - 355333
Bm    - x24432
F#/Bb - x143xx
Em    - 022000
Bb    - x13331

Verse 1:
F      C                      Am
  Tiny heart Stuck inside yourself
              Bb   Bbm
When will you open up for me
F            C                        Am
  I love you so And want to meet you again
       Bb     Bbm     Dm-F-Bb-Bbm
Before one of us must go

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F    C            Am    F        C
Your lips touched every hand but mine
Am       Bb      Bbm       F
In their shadows you slept fine
C         Am      F       C
When will you get back to me
   Am     Bb  Bbm
So we can rest

Verse 2:
F      C                       Am
  Tiny heart You're not by yourself
              Bb   Bbm      F
When will you recognize the beat
          C                       Am
Of my own heart Making your blood flow
             Bb        Bbm      Dm-F-Bb-Bbm
So that your chest can rise and fall

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge :
Dm         A/C#            Bb
  You will never know What you have done to me
Dm         A/C#       Bb
  You will never know Losing love from me
Dm         A/C#         Bb          Gm
  You will never know A single day alone

Verse 3:
F      C                      Am
  Tiny heart Stuck inside yourself
              Bb   Bbm
When will you open up

(Repeat Chorus)

Gm                Bb
  When you choose me
I'm waiting for you
Always waiting
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