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Fm Static - Man Watcha Doin tab

FM Static - Man Watcha Doin?         |                     
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)            |
Tabber: Matthew Claycomb             |      |
Version 1 (4/9/09)                   |

Chords:  E5--A5--F#5--B5-A5 

Each chord is played twice quickly, so it is played like this:

The "A5" chord at the end is only played sometimes during the chorus as a quick chord
to go in between the end of the chord progression, "B5", and the beginning, "E5"

Lead Guitar - Chorus: Let all of these notes ring except when noted.
*=Let it ring a long time only on the first chorus. 
Don't let it ring at all on the second chorus.
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