Fm Static - Snow Miser chords

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Standard Tuning E A G D B E  
Snow Miser By Fm Static   
When I say G/F# i really mean 

G          G/F#
I'm Mister White Christmas 
Em          C  
I'm Mister Snow 
G          G/F# 
I'm Mister Icicle 
Em         C  
I'm Mister Ten Below  
B7              Em  
Friends call me Snow Miser 
B7        Em  
What ever I touch 
C            G         D~~~~~ (let it ring)  
Turns to snow in my clutch  I'm too much   
I never wanna see a day over forty degrees. 
A                                                            D  
Id rather have it have it thirty, twenty, ten, five, let it freeze.     
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