Foot Ox - Josephine And Maxine chords

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josephine and maxine by Foot Ox

G/F# is just a G but you move to the 2nd fret on the lower e string, 
just a rundown basically.

Em                     C                G
my love Josephine, her job's to swallow keys
 D                                  C           
 she sleeps in the greenhouse where she sleeps, seldomly
Em                                  C              G
 with her sister Lauror, who sleeps at the liquor store
D                  C        
 she's got nothing there no more
            C                      G           D
 except the birds that flicker and flutter and fly
           C                       G       D
 they will not leave her stomach until she cries
           C             G         D
 and then they will pick her bones dry
           C             G         D
 and then they will pick her bones dry

Em D G G/F# (repeat untill end)

 you are a split personality parody
 you're lacking in sincere sincerity
 you've been shooting up the track
 you're wrong if you think you can't come back
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