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This is my first submission - comments welcome :)


Intro: F C G C (repeated)

F         C              G        C
  All the girls pose the same for pictures
F         C            G           C
  All the boys got the same girls' hair
F      C            G         C
  I am bored 'cos I feel much older
F   C        G             C         F
  I mean, as if I've got a reason to stare

        F    C  G
But you talk so loud
        F     C  G
That it calms me down
               F          G
You're crying "let's make a toast"

  She says she's leaving on a Sunday
Oh, that leaves me one more night
F                 C                  F                   G
  Can I take you home? I know it's wrong but I know your type
  She says she's leaving on a Sunday
I don't care, I need to know where to turn
F                 C
  I tried it one,   it never caught on
F            G
  I was the only one who got burned

(F C G C)

F      C          G        C
  I've read every word you said
F        C      G        C
  From a poster   of a cat
F      C           G          C
  Four books look across your sofa
F                C            G/stop/
  I thought your coffee table    was more clever than that
F         C             G          C
  It gets worse when we get to her room
    F             C               G          C
She stops and she sings "doot doo doo doo do doo doot doo"
F   C            G           C
  I claim 'New Religion' is my song
  F             C       G            C               F
Oh, she doesn't get it:   it's all before she was born

        F    C    G
And you lock your door
          F    C    G
Like I've been here before
            F         G
I feel like I've seen a ghost

  She says she's leaving...

   Suddenly between sheets and eyelids I
  am reminded why I don't do this
   I fall in love far too quickly I
  never want her to forget me
When you're gone
         F              G
Will you call? Will you write?

  She says she's leaving...
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