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Format - Threes tab

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Threes chords- Capo on 3rd Fret
Listen for chord changes during song will help

Chords used=
G: 320033
C: 032010
F: 133211
Dm: 000231

Strum C chord let it ring then

Elizaís in the elevator 
                (C)       (hammer on 1st fret 2nd string)
Findiní words that rhyme with sunny 
I think itís funny how,
she just leaves funny out

Me Iím on my way downstairs

Gonna gaze and wander aimlessly
Iím gonna figure out,
What Manhattanís all about
How I wish it would rain tonight
Iíd find a good excuse to stay inside

And watch those drops come
Tumbliní through the air
Ďcause itís been the worst year of my life
I donít wanna live I donít wanna die

So could you please, could you please
                        F (let chord ring)       C
Could you pleaseÖÖ..grow out your hair

2nd verse: same chords as 1st verse
(C)                    F                   C
Grow dark and long like the winter
With no split ends split ends are like friends
I donít need them
        Dm            F                C
See I got this friend, this friend with 

The crippled   ?
          Dm                        F
And I know what I came for
Iíll let you know
               F                                                   Dm
And itís not too much for you to ask me to grow
My life is just like religion, 
          C                 G
Iím makiní it up as I go oh ohh

Instrumental break: C  F  C  G
                C         F                               G
Well they say all bad things come in threes
              C                             F
Well the last year, made the last three
Look so easy
                    C                               F
You were supposed to keep the disease
between you and me
so bandage up your wrist
                F                                 G
throw away your prescription full

and baby come back to me ya ahh

guitar solo: just play  C  F  C  G 2X

last verse:
made a wish to get ready for the day

sheíll never regret 
that love is what
                                 C (let ring)
has kept me on my feet

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