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Fountains Of Wayne - It Must Be Summer chords

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IT MUST BE SUMMER (Fountains of Wayne)

Intro:  A A Asus4 Asus2 A


It must be summer
Cause the days are long
                 G     D
And I dial your number
But you're gone, gone, gone
I'd set out searching
But the car won't start
And it must be summer
                    D   Dsus4 D  
Cause I'm falling apart

SECOND VERSE (same chords except last line):

I try your sister
On the jersey shore
She said you might be stopping by
But she's not sure
So I call your mother
On long island sound
She said it must be summer
D                     G G/F# E   G G/F# E
Cause you're never around


         D                 A
And the sun is beating me senseless
          Bm                      A
I feel defenseless like a dying lamb
                 Bm                 F#m
I don't want to lie by the oceanside
Don't want to play in the sand
Can't you understand?
                 E   Esus4  E
Can't you understand?

INSTRUMENTAL: First Verse Chords

(second verse chords)
It must be summer
Cause the streets are bare
And I try your number
But you're just not there
And the sun keeps shining
Til it's dead and gone
And it must be summer
Cause I can't go on... CHORUS TWICE
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