Fountains Of Wayne - Acela chords

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Wanted to find the chords for the song but I couldn't so I reluctantly transcribed it 
out. So here it is for everyone else to enjoy.

Intro: C, F x4

C                    F
There's a train on a track
        C                F
Painted silver, blue and black
        C       F
Heading to Massachusetts
C                    F
And then it's coming back
And it's entertaining by New Haven
F                                   C      F    C   F
Once you've had yourself a drink or two, ooh ooh
All alone on the Acela
F                                C   F
Tell me baby, where the hell are you?
C         F
Ooh ooh

C                     F
There's a girl on the train
        C           F
Leaning on a window pane
         C            F
Reading People Magazine
        C                F
Just to help turn off her brain
And I swear I caught her staring at me
F                               C        F   C    F
Maybe I've been staring at her too, ooh ooh
Shot to hell on the Acela
Just as well, there's nothing else to do
C          F
Ooh ooh

C        F
          Am           F
When they called "All aboard"
         C             G
You were nowhere to be found
           Am             F
Though you swore you were sure
           C              G
You'd come with me out of town
And I looked in all the stars

I looked in Hudson News

Searched for any sign of you

But you had not left any clues
                 C      F      C      F
I was so confused
           C           F
What was I supposed to do?

        C          F
Now the world is a blur
        C               F
And the engine starts to purr
           C             F
And we're flying through Rhode Island
       C                F
The conductor calls me "Sir,
         G                          F           C         F     C    F
for your information it's a station at about 11:22", ooh ooh
Got to get the next Acela
F                           C         F
Got to make my way back home too
Got to get the next Acela
F                           C         F
Got to get myself back home to you
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