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Fountains Of Wayne - Elevator Up tab

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Elevator Up

Fountains of Wayne

Out of State Plates Disc 2 (2005)

Chords tabbed by reelblink

This song was a pain to figure out, so when I did, I thought I'd post them to save everyone else the trouble

Intro Riff: 


Intro Chords: D G D G F5

Slim and tall behind me 
E5              G5         D5   G5 F5
Spinnin' me off of my feet 
Headin' for the D 
         C5            G5           D5    G5 F5                            
We're taking our act to the street 
D                           E5            G5               D5         G5 F5
Roll around the city, leavin' our tracks on the ground 
Elevator up 
C5               G5              D5
Baby I don't wanna come down 

E5                                B5         
Spend a little time in the back of my mind 
Now it may be time to pay up and go 
I've done it 
I've had it 
I'm ready for bed 
Anywhere at all 
G5                                D5
Any way the wind blows 

Horn solo is same chords as verse

Thats it, have fun
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