Four Letter Lie - Firecracker chords

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Firecracker - Four Letter Lie

Intro: G-D-C9 (2x)

                G                     C9
So, this is the sound of forty hearts pounding along
   Em                                D
To music that's blasting through the room.
          G                    C9
So, let's put on a show in our weekend's best clothes
           Em                         D
I hope you find what you're looking for.
Cause I meant what I said how I'll never love again.
But you'll never understand.

     G                            D
This black and white formal's got all that she wants.
It's got boys, side to side
boys by her side
        G                          D
And I'm thinking of her, she's not thinking of me.
        Em                        D                   G-D-C9
And now all that she wants is the touch of a warm body.

    G                          C9                   Em
I'm begging you to consciously turn your eyes in my direction.
Connection is made.
I meant what I said, I will never love again.
But you'll never understand.

*repeat chorus

Interlude: Em-D-C9

*repeat intro && chorus chords

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