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Four Seasons - Ive Got You tab

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this is a beautiful song... it's pretty easy if you're good at finger picking, and even 
you're not, it shouldn't take that long to figure out. have fun :)

capo on 5th


E -------------0--1--------------------------------|
A ---0---------------3---3---------5--------5------|
D ------2----------------0------5--------5---------|
G ---------2-------------0---4--------4--------4---|
B ---------1---------------------------------------|
e ---------3---------------------------------------|


E ---0--0--0-1--0--1-0--0--0-1--0--3------|
A ------2-------3-------2-------3-----5---|
D ------2-------3-------2-------3-----5---|
G ------------------------------------4---|
B ----------------------------------------|
e ----------------------------------------|


E ---------------------------|
A --------------3------------|
D ---3-------3-----------0---|
G --------2-----------2------|
B ------1----------1---------|
e ---------------------------|


E -------------0--1-------------------------------------|
A ---0---------------3---3---------5--------5--5--------|
D ------2----------------0------5--------5-----5-(x8)---|
G ---------2-------------0---4--------4--------4--------|
B ---------1--------------------------------------------|
e ---------3--------------------------------------------|

End on: Am
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