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Four Tops - Walk Away Renee chords

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	Title		Dont walk away Renee		Four tops 	
	Meter		4/4 	Tempo:	Medium	
	Key = A					
|.    |_^|         |   <>		
D     F#m7 /C#    Bm7	A		
('A' as lead note in each chord)			
A	          E/G#	            G	                D/F#
And when I 	see the sign	  that points one 	way
Dm/F	         A/E	            D	                B7
the lot we 	used to pass by 	      ev ery	day
A	              F#m	 D	                 A       E        
Just walk a	way Rene      u wont see me follow	you back home
A	        F#m	          D	                C#m   C#m7/B
the empty 	sidewalks on my  block are not the 	sa -   ame
  |.     |_^|       |     <>		
D        F#m7 /C#    Bm7  A	(as at intro)	
  You're not        to 	blame	

repeat Verse-Chorus, omit last bar
Instrumental Section (lead notes for gtr chords in brackets)		
F#m	 | F#m(maj7)/E#	  | F#m7/E	 | B/D#
(C#)	   (C#)	          (C#)	          (B)
E	 |A	          |D(11+)   D6	 |B7
(G#)	  (A)	           (G#)    (B)	  (B)
Then play Chorus-Verse-Chorus with retarded ending	
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