Fourth Of July - The Faint chords

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First tab.
I found this song by accident and loved it, but couldn't find a tab or chords anywhere! I watched 
a video of them on YouTube to get these chords, but it wasn't always looking at the guitarist so 
it might not be fully accurate. I think it sounds good though!

It's quite easy, the chords you need are B (fret six not two), C#m, E (both open and barred on fret 
six nearer the end). Have a listen to the song for a strumming pattern, but the last two lines are 
single strums :)

B                  C#m            E           B
I'm gonna drown my sorrows with a couple more beers
B                   C#m           E               B
And I'll feel worse tomorrow, but I don't think I care
       B                C#m         E                     B
And it wouldn't feel so terrible if she could explain the rest
    B                  C#m           E                     B
And I'm gonna drown my sorrows until they can't hold their breath

B, E (barre), B, E

    B                  C#m                 E                 B
And I'm gonna call her house right now and tell her I've had enough
    B                     C#m                    E                B
And don't come over to my house right now 'cause all my doors are locked
    B                       C#m                E              B
And what's this taste in my mouth right now, I wonder if it's love?
      B             C#m                E                B
Well, I have tasted love before and it tastes just like blood

B, E (barred), B, E

(In this verse, the Es at the beginning of each line are barred but not the second Es)

    E       C#m                   E              B
And oh, I'm afraid of what you've done this time around
E                 C#m                 E               B
She danced to The Faint one night and I was forced to watch
            E        C#m                    E                     B          
I've bullet holes in both my feet, Feel the blood soak through my socks
    E                  C#m               E                B
And I'll crawl to your house tonight and pass out on your lawn
              E (barre)        B
And I'll ask, “What else do you want?”
E                B
What else do you want?
E                B
What else do you want?
E                B
What else do you want?

         B              C#m                   E               B
'Cause I haven't seen a cloudless night since stars turned to black
    B               C#m                      E            B
And I won't ask you where you've been if you ever make it back
    B                        C#m
And let's drive down to your grandparents' house,
     E                      B
I'll buy you a jar for your tears
  B                   C#m             E                      B
I think I might say I love you now, I want you to cover your ears

E (barre), B, E, B
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