Francesca Battistelli - Someday Soon chords

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G                                        Cmaj7
I wanna be the one who knows everything about you
G                                   Cmaj7
I wanna be the one whoís always on your mind
G                                       Cmaj7
I wanna be the one to get all of your affection and attention
G                                          Cmaj7
Youíre the one that Iíve been waiting for, for all this time

    Em                       C
And I canít imagine anything, anything better than

G                  Em
Someday falling in love with you
Holding your hand
Making our plans all come true
G               Em
Someday under a sky so blue
Iíll give you my heart
Our story will start
Someday soon

G                                      Cmaj7
I wanna be the one who does everything with you
G                                                       Cmaj7
Watching stars, washing cars, taking walks, going to the store
G                                           Cmaj7
I wanna be the one who gets to change her last name someday
   G                                        Cmaj7
To something that sounds something more like yours


Yeah Iíll be telling you I love you
On a picture perfect day
And those words inside my head
They sound like angels singing praise
                G           Cmaj7
Itís what I was made to say 
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