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Frank Black - Smoke Up tab

Frank Black and the Catholics
Song: Smoke Up
Album: Pistolero

 Em             F# G           D
   Stone was in me  when i was rougher

          G         Em               C   Cm          G
   Now my power has suffered in this hour, Of my oversleep

 Em               F#   G             D
   Alone with the beast and my skull choppers

           G           Em
   Now i'm just a name dropper

          C             Cm           G
   And I'm bust in these deep slumberweeds

 Em             F#
   Stone was in me

   Bm             Gmaj7
     It's so damn late

   Em             Gmaj7
     It's so damn dark

   Bm              Gmaj7
     Pull up those drapes

                Bm                Gmaj7
     Hey, let's see just where we are (here it comes)

   D/A*  E/B*  F#/C#*  B  A

   D/A               E/B  F#/C#
     I finally woke up

   B       A
    That's right

               G           A              D/A  E/B  
 B A
   'Cause I've got to make something work out

   D/A                  E/B  F#/C#
      I sent some smoke up

   B       A
    That's right

               G           A              D/A  E/B  
 B A
   'Cause I've got to make something work out

SOLO: verse chords**
            Em        F#       G         D  
      Em         C      Cm

    G    Em      F#                     G   
        G        Em

  C         Cm     G            Em     F#
h = hammer on
r = release (itís like the opposite of a hammering on)
~ = bend (itís up to you to determine how and how much you have to bend)



  I sent some smoke up, thatís right
  Cuz I gotta make somthing work out
  Thats right
  I gotta something out
  Thatís right
  Cuz Iíve got to make something work out

*the slash chords in the chorus are:

    D/A    E/B    F#/C#       and Gmaj7:
E-------|-------|--------       ------|
B-------|-------|--------    --0------|
G---7---|---9---|---11---    --0------|
D---7---|---9---|---11---    --4------|
A---5---|---7---|----9---    --2------|
E---5---|---7---|----9---    --3------|

**for the D and Cm during the solo, do this:
D      Dsus D    Cm
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