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Frank Ocean - Pyrite Fools Gold chords

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Babe, just say you miss me, is it that hard?
Too long since I've heard about our love
Am I in this by myself? Hey yeah
With rose colored lenses on my store bought frames
To see something other than these blues and grays
I need something different, hey yeah, yeah, yeah
Cause you ain't feeling the same

Who knows, maybe I'm crazy, 
that's one big maybe
But even a fool knows when it's gold, gold, gold
I know pyrite from 24 karat, yeah
Cubic's from genuine diamond, yeah
A call from the woman who loves you and hello from a friend
G                          Gmaj7
I know when it's real, I know how to tell
Cadd9                             Cmaj7
I know the difference between what you say and how you feel
Oh, oh I know when it's real

[Verse 2]
Oh, I can tell the difference every time that you call
But I donít need a drink I need some time in my car
Time to drive and think, time to park and cry
You shoulda known you were beautiful
You shoulda known what I saw in you, yeah
Please forgive me for feeling like itís all your fault
A heavy heart canít carry blame for the loss


[Verse 3]
You might not notice but Iím a man with pride
And this hurts me baby deep down, deep down
I canít let go of this, gotta know I tried
Itís pathetic baby donít lie, donít lie
Iím a candle, youíre the sun
And youíre burning baby, you're burning baby
Burning up, burning up
Burning up, burning up, burning up, yeah

Pyrite from 24 karat yeah
Cubicís from genuine diamond yeah
A call from the woman who loves you
And hello from a friend
We'll never be more than friends
We'll never be..
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