Frank Sinatra - That Lucky Old Sun chords

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That Lucky Old Sun
Chords by Tony Crowley
Some chord tabs are listed at the foot of the lyrics

C                  Am
Up in the mornin', out on the job
Em            F            C7/C7sus2/C7
Work like the devil for my pay.
         F                 Fm
But that lucky old sun has nothing to do
    C    Am     Dm7    G7  C
But roll around heaven all day.

I fuss with my woman, and I toil for my kids,
Sweat 'til I'm wrinkled and gray,
While that lucky old sun, got nothing to do
But roll around heaven all day.

    Am    Em              F       C
Oh, Lord above, don't you hear me crying
F          G       Cmaj7
Tears roll down my eyes.
Am             Em           F      C
Send down that cloud with a silver lining,
D7             Fm6  G13   
Lift me to paradise.

Show me that river, Take me across,
Wash all my troubles away
Like that lucky old sun, give me nothing to do
But roll around heaven all day.

C7sus2 x3031x  (Just lift 2nd finger on C7)
Dm7    xx0211
Cmaj7  x32000
Fmin6  xx0111
G13    323000
Simple two chord ending C#7 xx6667 C6 xx5555
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