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Frank Sinatra - The Nearness Of You chords

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One of my all time favorites!


                              Cmaj7-C9          Gm7-C7
Its not the pale moon that excites me 
         Fmaj7            Fdim
That thrills and delights me, 
   Em7-A7-Dm7                     G13          Em7-A7-Dm7-F/G-G13  
Oh no…             its just the nearness of you 
                   Cmaj7-C9       Gm7-C7
It isn’t your sweet conversation
         Fmaj7                  Fdim
That brings this sensation, 
   Em7-A7-Dm7                 G13           C
Oh no…        Its just the nearness of you
                                Gm7                            Cmaj7    C7
When you’re in my arms and I feel you so close to me 
             Fmaj7     Em7-A7       Dm7-F-G13 
All my wildest dreams come true 

               Cmaj7                 Gm7-C7
I need no soft lights to enchant me 
   Fmaj7            Fdim             Em7-A7-Dm7
If you’ll only grant me the right 
                     G7       Em7    A7 
To hold you ever so tight 
                             Dm7-F     G13           C 
And to feel in the night the nearness of you 

(Fmaj7; C;)  2x

REPEAT FROM BRIDGE then end with CM7;
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