Frank Stallone - Peace In Our Life chords

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I've just written the lyrics for the First Blood Part II song "Peace in Our Life", a 
song in a great action movie. I think the chords are correct, hope you enjoy :) Greetings 
Jonas H.

C           Am
We gave our hearts
Dm          G
We gave it all
Em           Am
Flame in the fire
Dm           G
Burns forevermore
     Dm           C
The sorrow in believing
  G         C
Honor and truth
 Dm           C
Gray spires climbing
Dm                   G
Wrapped around our youth

  C           Am
Peace in our life
Dm             G
Remember the call
       Em            Am
Oh, a cheer for my brothers
Dm             G
Think of them all
C           Am
Home of the brave
Dm           F
We'll never fall
C                     Am
The strength of our nation
   Dm      G   C
Belongs to us all.

C            Am
Time is the healing
    Dm            G
of souls laid to rest
Em          Am
Peace is the virtue
Dm      G
Never forget
Dm             C
Tomorrow's an angel
G            C
Watching us all
Dm           C
Telling the people
      Dm               G
she wraps around our hearts

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