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Frank Turner - Rock And Roll Romance tab

			               ROCK & ROLL ROMANCE- Frank Turner

Tabbed by: Benjy Curzon-Jones

Tuning: Standard

This is one of Frank's new chilled out songs from "Rock & Roll EP".
It's a great little song and I was looking for a tab of it and couldn't find one so I 
decided to work it
out and here is what I got. I think it's pretty much 100%... there might be a few errors 
but it's
pretty straightforward and nice and relaxing.... enjoy!

Intro and Verse:


You and I could have a rock and roll romance,
We could fuck in our clothes, we could sleep in out pants,
And I could crash at yours and you could crash at mine,
And we could stay in bed 99% of the given time,
Leave all the loveless lonely behind.

'Cause you've been searching up and down and all around,
There's no nice boys in London town,
And I can sympathise cause I've been searching too,
and have yet to find a girl half as good as you.

Higher bit:
|G|--------0-------0-------0-------0-----0-------0-------0-------0--------| x 2

You're just not paying attention,
You're sitting in you're kitchen and you're bitching about rejection,

       G              Am       G      F#/Am

You're cheating the world out of a fairytale of a conclusion,

(keep an Am shape and use your thumb and little finger to work up the bass notes)

And that's not really fair....  on us all.


Enjoy it and vote for Frank Turner in the 2011 NME music awards!!!!
Any problems, complaints or suggestions, feel free to email me... i probably won't email 
back tho!

Benjy x
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