Frank Turner - Four Simple Words chords

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Artist: Frank Turner
Tab: by Andrew Vaz

Just saw this guy at Bonnaroo and knew I had to tab out this song. I hope he blows up big! 

Theres more to tab out but the last part can serve as the chord structure for most 
of the song. I noticed the other tab was really wrong and just did a quick fix of 
it for now. Ill come back and add more later

 C (C/G by adding pinky on 3rd fret of high E)
Because we're all so very, 
twenty first century,
you're probably listening to me,
        Dm                      (G with moving high E string 3-2-1)
on some form of portable stereo.
Maybe you're sitting on the back of the bus,
                         E                   (G# on high E string with E)
or it's running up your sleeve and you're across from your boss,
or you're sitting in your bedroom all alone,
   G                              F
with the lights down low (oh so low).

Same strumming pattern for bridge

             Dm(hi-e: 3-3-1--0-1-3)
i'd like to teach you four simple words,
        G                        G (with hi E G#)
so the next time you come to a show,
you can sing those words back at me,
                 G7                  Dm7
like they're the only words that you know.

I want to dance,
I want to dance,
        Am                               Dm(G in faster part)
I want lust and love and tattering our romance,
But i'm no good at dancing,
And yeah i have to do something,
 Am                                              Dm(G in faster part)
Tonight i'll play it straight, i wanna take my chance
I want to dance
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