Frank Turner - Ballad For Me And My Friends tab

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Frank Turner – Ballad for me and my friends

F#m	244222
D	557775
A	577655
E	779997
A/B? 	757655
							The chords are played with a 
							Few hammer ons and pull offs 
							Liberally sprayed about.
Intro F#m

F#m					D
Everybody’s got themselves a plan

A					E
And Everybody thinks they’ll be the man, including the girls

F#m					D
The musicians who lack the friends to form a band, The Singer Songwriters

A					E
The rest of us are Djs or official club photographers

F#m					D
Well tonight I’m playing another nambuka show

A					E
So im going through my phonebook texting everyone I know

F#m					D
And quite a few I don’t who’s numbers found their way into my phone

A					E
They might come along anyway, you never really know

A			A/B?					F#m
And none of this is going anywhere

D			      E
And Pretty soon we’ll all be old

A			A/B?					F#m
And noone left alive will really care

About our glory days when we sold our souls

E (once)
But if you’re all about the destination

F#m			D
Then take a fucking flight

We’re going nowhere slowly but we’re 

F#m			E
Seeing all the sights				and we’re

D		E
Definitely going to hell				but we’ll have

D		E		F#m		E
All the best stories to tell			Yes im

D		E
Definitely going to hell				But I’ll have

A		E	A
All the best stories to tell
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