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Frank Zappa - Dirty Love tab

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Subject: z/zappa_frank/dirty_love.crd
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 18:43:39 -0700
From: Angela Paluzzi 

Frank Zappa-Dirty Love
Overnite Sensation
Nick P. Italian Stallion

This song has kind of conventional but vaguely funky rhythm to it

I find it difficult to sing and play guitar effectively with this song.

                      ****main riff****
           1                      2                         3

             symbols 'h' hammer, 't' trill

	    1          2                 3
	Give me-Your Dirty Love-Like you might surrender to some dragon in your dreams
            1          2                 3
	Give me-Your Dirty Love-Like a pink donation to the dragon in your dreams

	I don't want your cheap emotion
	I don't want your sweet devotion
	Whip me up some dragon lotion

	         1                 2
	For your Dirty Love-Your Dirty Love

    	    1           2                 3
	Give me-Your Dirty Love-Like that tacky little pamphlet in your daddy's bottom drawer
            1           2                 3
	Give me-Your Dirty Love-I don't believe you've never seen his book before

	I don't want your consoulation
	I don't need your reservation
	I only got one desination
                   1                 2
	And that's your Dirty Love-Your Dirty Love

		***Guitar Solo***

            1        2             3
	Give me-Your Dirty Love-Just like Yo' Mama mak'er fuzzy poodle do
            1        2             3
	Give me-Your Dirty Love-The way Yo' Mama make that nasty poodle chew

	I don't need your cheap aroma
	or your little bo-peep diploma
	I just put you in a coma
                     1                 2
	With some Dirty Love, That Dirty Love

	Poodle bites...
	Poodle chews it... (note: the coda of this song uses a monstrous bass

	riff, the first 2 riffs will work on top of it)


	C-Do I really need to explain this? OK...OK...335553

	D-If you don't know this you shouldn't even be attempting a Frank Zappa song! 557775

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