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Frankmusik - Done Done chords

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My first tab..about time i did some work around here.
This is a beautiful song with great vocals...
It instantly captured my attention the first time i heard it

- Asus is played : 000230

Tell me are you better?
Now you put your life on hold
I can't make it better
'Cause this story's getting old

And you took the only part of me
And made it into misery
Now I'm left in the cold
While this story's getting old

Though I'm done (done done done done...)
And even though I'm not sold (sold sold sold sold...)
                      D                       Asus
You're always laying low (low low low low...)
How could I let you go (go go go go...)

       Asus                         A
Did you get a new me, or something not quite the same?
        Asus                                     F#m
I know that it's been months, but I hope that this will sit in vain
        Bm                           F#m
And a million times I'm told that my story's getting old
But tell me are you better?
Now your new life starts to unfold

Asus       A          
I know I sort of pushed you away
         Asus                F#m
But even if I had enough time I doubt you would have stayed
        Bm                          F#m
You think you've seen this once and a match will lead away
      Asus                         A
But then he won't make it better on any note he plays

(Chorus x2)	

I'm slightly unsure about the last three lines ( But even if I....on any note he plays)
Will someone reassure me? 

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