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Fred Shafer - How Will I Ever Find The Words chords

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This is a simple song in standard tuning from Fred Shafer Lead singer of Klear (American 
seekers) and A great solo artist in his own right.

F          G
There was a time
She was a friend of mine
F          G
My first lady Leading
Role, How did I
F           G
Ever get so far from our
Story Line, I guess the
F            G
I guess the ending
Is growin old.

         Am              F
Now do I define a broken man
    G             Run down the C back to the Am.
And will you ever know
Am                F
The secret life I lead
Is locked within my soul.
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F             G
And it's been awhile
C (Rundown)         Am
Since I've seen you smile
F                      G                    Am
When the lights go out do you see me in the dark
F               G
And it's not my style
C (Rundown)    Am
to make a lady cry
F               G           Am
My heart bleeds everytime I try
              F             G            F
So How will i ever find the words to say Good-bye

thats pretty much the entire song so just get yourself the lyrics and have some fun with 
Here is a link to freds myspace if you need help.