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Fred - The Parsnip Song tab

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The Parsnip Song
Can't Stop, I'm Being Timed

Sorry about the chords not being in the perfect place but it's too specific!
You'll figure it out!
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Variation of the A bar chord with the chords A, F#, B, E under it!
A  F#  B   E     
Not many people
A  F#  B   E
A  F#  B   E
That parsnips are the evil of the universe
A  F#  B   E
And all the other vegetables are merely pawns in the
A  F#  B   E
Parsninp's giant web of deceit
A  F#  B   E
That's why the parsnip is so alarmingly sweet!
A  F#  B   E
And then my biggest fear is biting into a chip
A  F#  B   E
And finding out that it really is a parsnip!

Chorus: (Same as verse)
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