Freddie Stevenson - The Horses Grave chords

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Freddie Stevenson ~ The Horse's Grave

Tabbed by ~Coxy~

Beautiful song from the new album The City Is King.

Tuning: D A D F# A D (Open D)


D       [000300]
D/F#    [4x0300]
G       [5x5500]
Bm      [9x9800]
A       [7x7700]

Simple chord progression. At the end of every verse you play one less bar of A and go 
back to D, you'll see what I mean.
You can do the run up from D-F#-A in the verses if you want but Freddie doesn't on the record.
This can also be played in standard.

Intro: 	D D/F# G A
        D D/F# G D

D                                 G
I went out one morning just after dawn
Bm                         A
As has been my custom ever since you've been gone
A magpie was wheeling in the carnival sky
Hello Mr. Magpie, how is your wife?

D D/F# G D (after every verse)

D		                              G
Well, said the Magpie, life's moving fast
Bm	                               A
But you learn to appreciate things while they last
I'm counting my blessings, I'm reading the signs,
Each day is a lesson in taking a day at a time

I went down to where the river grows bold in the sun
And where the willows huddle in conversation
Like a child in a playground I try to join in
But the secrets they whisper float away on the wind

With a heart full of worry I hurried on home
But something was following me, I was not alone
A beautiful black horse, all dressed up to ride,
His saddle was empty, there was a wound in his side

We stared at each other, he was standing so close
I could have reached out my hand and touched his nose
I stared into his eye, so empty and black
The next thing I knew, I was up on his back

We flew through the morning at a terrible pace
The wind stung my eyes and twigs whipped my face
I said to the magpie how long will this last?
I don't know, said the magpie, but this too shall pass

Just as I was beginning to lose all hope
The animal slowed to an elegant lope
Then he just disappeared into empty space
And left me flat on my face at the foot of his grave

then D G Bm A to end, end on D



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