Fresh Flesh - Electronic Device chords

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Electronic Device by Fresh Flesh

Music and lyrics by Jake Brew

(Riff 4X)

Verse 1 (a):

Gazing out to the sea

C            G
Watching the Sun's glint

Free I wish to be

C              G
Fear is just a hint

Verse 2 (a):

Dm      Bb
My arms open wide

C               G
Standing at the end

Dm      Bb
Raw energy can't hide

C             G         G
Myself I must fend


C            G
Don't try to hog your heart

Bb              Dm
You'll drop and break apart

C                G
Don't trust your eyes no more

Bb           C     Dm       G
There ain't eternal love

C           G
You are the chooser

Bb             Dm
Just listen to advice

C              G
But don't be a loser

Bb            C       Dm
And be an electronic device

(Riff 2X)

Verse 1 (b):

Just to jump free

C               G
Feel of rushing air

My whole life I see

C              G
Losing all the care

Verse 2 (b):

Dm            Bb
Water that surrounds me

C              G
Silence on all sides

Dm      Bb
At last I'm free

C                G          G
Finally my heart glides


(Riff 2X)

Outro (a):

C                a
Winds are always pounding

C       a
Dust is blinding

Bb               C
Birds are always flouncing

Noise is grinding

(Riff 2X)

Verse 1 (c):

Slow down while it's still time

C                   G
Tie it up before it ties you down

Jump out and follow the sound

   C                G
So when it gets you he won't clown

Verse 2 (c):

Dm     Bb
Sky is classified 

C             G
For the dream believer

Dm        Bb
Vultures envy your flesh 

C                  G
In darkness you'll shiver


(Riff 2X)

Outro (b):

C                  a
If you wait you'll be the bait

C                    a
If you scream you'll go insane

Bb           C                     Dm
If you don't run they'll rule your soul 

(fade out)

Song Summary:
V1: 	Dm C G - 2x
V2: 	Dm Bb C G - 2x
C: 	C G Bb Dm | C G Bb C Dm (G) |
O: 	C a, C a, Bb C Dm 
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