Frightened Rabbit - Foot Shooter chords

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Artist: Frightened Rabbit
Song: Foot Shooter
Album: The Winter of Mixed Drinks
Tabbed by: Adam Martynuik
Based on video acoustic version:

Cheers to the guy before me who got most of the progressions down. Main changes 
are in the chord structures, some chord placements and transitional chords, as 
well as some of the lyrics

Standard Tuning

Chords used:
Cmaj:332010 (hammer on [HO] and off D string with second finger at appropriate times when playing)
G:---320013 (be generous with hammer-ons for the 6th G-string)

Intro: C

Verse 1 chords:
Well the booze in my blood runs fast and loud
       F                                             C
And my brain shouts down to my mouth, say whatever I think, say it at him
And when the dam bursts open and you drowned out, boy
       F                                   C
Better go outside and sit in your boat and wait 'til you get washed away

Interlude: C - Am2 - AmG

               Cmaj(HO)     F            G 
Hold onto your thumbs,      tighten your eye-li-eh-ids, uh-uh, uuuhuh
Cmaj(HO)                        Am               G
  Lock up your ears my dear I’m verbal when I am loaded
                Cmaj(HO)         F          G
Duck under that desk, you should cover your ne-eh-eck, uh-uh uh-uuuh
Cmaj(HO)                 Am                           G
  Thickin your skin as I begin to shoot myself in the foot again

Interlude: Cmaj

Verse 2: [use verse 1 chords]
And as the voice succumbs and my mouth goes numb
I limp out to the sound of breaking of broken toes, a vandal spoke
And in the stark and the sobering dry sunlight
I will blink my eyes and hope the blink can erase
All the shit that I said and diddddddddddddehehehdididid...............(into interlude)

Interlude: C - Am2 - Am - G


Bridge chords:
C                                                 G
    And if I shoot at you, you should shoot at me too
We can drown in the pools of the thick dark words we threw
And as my face turns white, I apologize I am sorry, its not your fault, its mine 
(right into chorus)

Chorus 3

Play chorus while singing “uhhhh oh oh oh, uhhh oh oh oh”
END on CMaj 

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