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Frightened Rabbit - Scottish Wind tab

		            	    Scottish Wind - Frightened Rabbit

Tabbed by: Brandon Peralta

Tuning: Standard
Chords Used:
   G   G2  C   D

Intro/Riff: 4x
    G     G          G2
E|--3-3---3-5p3-5/7---7--7-7p5-------||   4X

G                                       G2
Come gather in my lungs Scottish wind
D                      C            G              G2
Belt out your blackest poems as the sea around you sings
         D                  C            G                G2
When the drone takes to the air a single note to raise my hair
      D               C                   G
Carry songs beyond my lungs cold Scottish winds

[Riff 2x]

G                                           G2
Come fall upon my shoulders Scottish rain
    D                   C              G                    G2
And dissolve all of the worry that has hunched this back of mine
        D                 C            G                 G2
Let the hurt run down the drain to the reservoir And one day I'll add
  D              C              G
a drop of my old worries to the dram

[Riff 2x]

G                                          G2
Gather heavy in my lungs Scottish wind
         D               C            G                     G2
All the fag smoke in the ether of the grouse that clips your wings
            D                 C                G              G2
And I will cough just like my granddad and his grandpa before him
        D                C                  G
Oh blow youth into these lungs old Scottish wind.

[Riff 2x]

G                                             G2
Come burl around my body Scottish blood
         D              C         G                   G2
I'll try not to spill a drop, I'm sure you've spilled enough
        D               C              G                G2
And the English fucking rule will mean nothing to these towns
    D             C          G  
Run forever in my veins bold Scottish blood

[Riff 2x]

G                                                    G2
Bring a whisper to my mouth soft Scottish winds
     D               C               G                  G2
Just enough to say I love you to the girl that keeps me sane
             D                  C                  G               G2
And take the stupid things I've said and blow them miles and miles away
D            C                G
Thank you in advance Scottish wind
D            C                G
Thank you in advance Scottish wind

Play the riff to lead out of the song.

End on G2
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