Frontier Ruckus - Orion Town 2 chords

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Great song hope you enjoy :)
Tabbed by: Janson

Orion Town 2 - Frontier Ruckus

     C#m            F#m         A         E
I'm going home, I'm smoking my last cigarette
     C#m            F#m           A            G#m
The muffler shop's shouting that she's in the city
     C#m            F#m       A          F#m
The North Frozen Landfill I just can't forget
   A                  B          E
'Cause it marks the town of my pity
  A    F#m
Orion Town

Oh now Rochester, you son of a bitch
Your psyches and streets are a tumult of achin'
The awkwardest memories I just can't unstitch
At least they know they're not forsaken in
Orion Town

I-75 is the swallower of Christmas
The gloom of its gladness is night on our shoulders
Connecting our sorrows like ponds with an isthmus
Frozen and covered with boulders in
Orion Town

The yelling, the holler of the ghost I have squandered
The snow combed tight brightly mirrored false wonder there
That I did follow to the frozen water
As my family stood there and stared at
Orion Town	
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