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Frontier Ruckus - The Latter Days chords

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Standard Tuning
Capo on 2nd fret
Relative to capo





 |----2-------2-----|  x2

 |----3--3----3--3--|  x2

 |----0--0----0--0--|  x2

Dm                                                     Bb
My family does own some land where the river is wide

C                                                     Bb
At night I see my memories dimly dying on the other side

Dm                                Bb
I know that I am now all bitterness and tart

C                             Dm                        Bb
Anatomy to me is a homesick stomach and a broken heart

Dm                                                        Bb
You rest-stops in the midnight are like friends I've worn to bone

C                                                   Bb
I only notice that you're glowing when I'm feeling so ever alone

Dm                                                 Bb
Drunken with the children now too many times to complain

C                                                Dm
Trustful was the mouth I turned into a lustful sopping hole and

Now it's nothing but a bathtub drain

Dm                                           Bb
The latter days are harder than I ever could've known

C                                                       Dm
Come back to retrieve me sometime soon

Dm                                                Bb
If the latter days are ending then I hope I'm ending too

C                                                                         Bb
And buried someplace where your breath tastes new to me and

Always blowing, so my body's bent and bowing

Bb                                                        C
Deep into the day's ending in summer

Bb                                      C
The latter days are always panting like a second-comer

Dm                                      Bb
All the fleshy statues of the city-square goodbyes

C                                                                          Bb
Are flinging smooth-skin trinities and nakedness up into my eyes

Dm                                   Bb
Naked swan-necked girls, your arching backs into the sun

C                                                                Dm
The highway ditch's black clouds split the median and

Breathing in of all the ribs of every bathing one

And in those trash-pit-ponds you bathe and

Oh, how you all gleam

Mindlessly bright where you're wet in

Your eye-lashing, fluid-splashing, rapid-flashing

Canal-bleaching dream
For me
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