Frozen Light - This Morning chords

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Em  D  F  C  E 

Intro: Em-D-Em

Em                     D                         Em
The sun is coming up you wake up from your sleep
Em                     D                      Em
you go downstairs your mam is waiting for you
Em                     D                    Em
you look at her she looks a little bit sad
Em                     D                Em
she say to you your pet died last night
Em             D               Em
you want to cry but you can't

F               C
to much to much to much today
i'm so confused 
F               C
the only thing i wanna say 
what a strange day

Em                  D                     Em
I'm going to school i've got exams today
Em                  D              Em
i jumpt on my bike and cycled away
Em                  D                       Em
it began to rain the raindrops hit the floor
Em                  D                           Em
you riding to the forest you didn't saw the tree
Em                  D                      Em
you slipt away and fall right into the mud

Chorus 2X
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