Funeral Suits - We Only Attack Ourselves tab

I figured it out by hearing it a few times, though it sounds correct I may have
got it wrong, feel free to comment.

E -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
G -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
D -----------------------------------------13----------------------------|
A ---7---7---7---7---7---7---6---6---11---------11-------7---7---7---7---|
E -9---9---9---9---8---8---7---7---12---12---12---12---9---9---9---9-----|

E --------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------|
G --------------------------------------|
D --------------------------------------|
A ---4---4---6---6----9----9----9-------|
E -5---5---7---7---11---11---11---11----|

And it goes like this through the whole song.
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