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Gabe Bondoc - The One tab

Gabe Bondoc: The One

tabbed by: Gabriel Mojica

One of my favourite songs from gabe bondoc =]



G--5--x----5--|   repeat

that's it =]

just mess around with the chords to your liking.


The way you laugh with your mouth closed
The way you smile so your eyes glow
It's in the way you look at me to so i can see
.. just who I am inside 

The way my heart doesnt listen
and so it just keeps wishing..
wishing you were close to me so that its beat was
.. synchronized with yours

You're the one, you're the one for me.. sugar.

You're my hero and my best friend
and girl I swear that you're a Godsend
Lovely as a ray of sun.. the very first one
.. just as the day begins

So I got a round trip ticket
but i dont wanna take it.
I only wanna take half
.. and give the other half to somebody who wont waste it.


You're the one, you're the one for me..

Your hand and mine fit perfectly fine
.. and sway below our waists at the perfect height

Faithful and true
to Him and to you..
I will stay forever this way because..

You're the one, you're the one for me.
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