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Gamits - The Still And The Lost chords

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The Still and the Lost 

C/B, C 2x [ch]G#/G[/ch],G 2x

I have planned it out 
And I have everything in order 
Bm                Em
Got no friends or family
    C                D 
But all my bills are paid 

(same pattern as above)

I have given names 
To the things in my apartment 
It helps to ease the loneliness 
And Iíve been so alone 

Em       D#/Em       Dm   C#
I have a lamp that I call Illumination
C                  G 
She sheds light on everything
C            G 
All lies and mistakes Iíve made 

(Same as above)

Small is the globe and I call him Destination 
Heís there to remind me of 
Places I will never go 

(same as previous verse)

Awake at nine AM 
Iím gonna take care of the problem 
Light myself a cigarette 
And then a couple more 

Unlike my whole life 
Iím gonna get this right the first time 
One thing I have always been 
Is good at giving up 

Iím looking out of a thirteenth story window 
I can feel the gravity 
Pull me close to tragedy 

I hear the sound of the sidewalk people laughing 
Might as well have leant a hand 
Bet they wonít be laughing when I land 

Em C            G              D
     There is a statue made of stone beside me 
Em C            G             D
     Covered in excrement and crumbling slightly 
Em C           G                    D
     Cold and alone he suffers from exposure
Em C          G             (Intro figure here)
     He is as still as I am lost

outro (woah-oh-oh's)

Em C G D
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