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Garfunkel And Oates - Go Kart Racing Accidentally Masturbating chords

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Transcribed by Rick Loquat, from


Intro: D A D

D				A
Get on my go kart, strap myself in
D			     G    D
Rev up the engine let the fun begin
  	 G			  A
Put my foot on the gas and I'm outta the gate
	G			A
But the faster I go, the more the metal vibrates

D					A
My body's tingling from my head to my toes
D					     G           D
But the thing that's really buzzing I hope nobody knows
G					A
Cause I'm feeling kinda funny in a biblical way
G					A
God damn it's shaking hard on my Georgia O'Keefe bouquet

Bmi7				F#7
I never guessed this trembling machine would
G				A
Turn the motor on under my hood

G		A
Go kart racing, accidentally masturbating
G		A
Go kart racing, mechanically self-fornicating
G		A				D
Go kart racing, no stopping til I cross the finish line

(same verse and chorus)

If the fruit is ripe you might as well pluck it
Was gonna slow down but then I thought fuck it
No one look at me cause this is it
Green flag go go holy shit!

Key change goes up a whole step, pauses, then up a half step (to end in F)
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