Garry Mulgrew - You Emptied Yourself tab

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Song:  You Emptied Yourself 
Artist:  Garry Mulgrew 
Album:  Who Will Ascend 
CCLI Song #:  5199138 
Written By:  Garry Mulgrew 
Copyright:  © 2008 Poured Out Music 
Tabbed By:  Garry Mulgrew  

Phil 2:6-8

Em                     C    D       C    
You emptied Yourself though You are Deity 
Em          C         D         C
You took on the flesh of frail humanity
Em                C          D           C
You stretched out Your hands for sinners just like me
Em            C         D         C
Crucified and arose now enthroned in majesty 

G      D       C       G         D
I have come to worship You,     I have come 
            C                D    
Because Iím needing You more than ever before  X2

Em          C               D                C
You emptied Yourself though others could not see
Em          C      D          C
The King of Glory clothed in humility
Em                         C    D               C
You stretch out Your hands Your Spirits calling me
Em          C                     D       C 
The veil is now torn, Your face I long to see
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