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Garth Brooks - That Girl Is A Cowboy tab

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That Girl Is A Cowboy

Garth Brooks

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro: D, G, A, D D, G, A,

Verse 1:
It was a hundred and seven

We were headed to town
    D2  D
She had her sleeves rolled up 

and the windows rolled down
Em  A                 D
Ooh Ooh that girl is a cowboy

Robert Earl was singing out 

The Bucking Song
D2         D
With every word that Keen was bringing 

She was singing along
Em  A                  D
Ooh Ooh that girl is a cowboy

G                  A
Sometimes the best cowboys
      D  D/C#    G
Ain't cowboys at all
She's got my back
     A                     Bm
Even when it's against the wall
When I need a friend
Em              A
She's the guy I call
      Em        D/F#     G
Cause sometimes the best cowboys 
      A(ring out)
Ain't cowboys at all

Repeat Intro

Verse 2:
So I took her out to show her 

How to rope and ride
  D2      D
I can't believe that it was me 
That wound up broke and tied 
Em  A                  D
Ooh Ooh that girl is a cowboy

So that night I decided

We should paint the town
  D2      D
I made it home although 

I really don't remember how
Em  A                  D
Ooh Ooh that girl is a cowboy

Repeat Chorus

G                             A
There's just something that a cowgirl has
D        D/C#    G
Ain't no cowboys got
Em                             A
Man she's something when she's one of the boys
              Em(ring out)
But something else
    A(ring out)G(ring out)
Any time she's not

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Intro

By: Buford T. Santana

Yall Be Good!!!
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