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Gary Louris - Turn Your Pretty Name Around chords

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Intro: Cadd4(13)  Bb  x2                    [Cadd4(13): x33210]

Dm7                      F
   And then came disappointment
Bb              F
   A path for my feet
F               C
   When I was around you
Bb                         F
   What's found is yours to keep

Dm7                    F
   Say that I'm your one and only
Bb                     F
   This love I have for you
F                            C
   I must have watched from your garden
Bb                     F
   Oh, say you'll come to stay

                Cadd4(13)    Bb
You've gone and let someone, turn your pretty name around  (x3)

C   Bb   F

Dm7                 F
   Many times that I've wondered
Bb                          F
   About what's right for me to do
F                     C        
   I stand out on my corner
Bb                            F
   Hoping my streets will lead to you

Dm7                    F
   Just this side of your glory
Bb                      F
   Like the time and time before
F                      C
   Never meant to beg or borrow
Bb                      F
   Sleep outside your hidden door

Repeat Chorus

Bb                                F
   When we put our arms 'round each other
            Dm7     C
   It's not hard to tell
Bb                            C
   That you're loving someone else...

(Repeat Chorus)
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