Gary Nicholson - Pay Bo Diddley chords

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Pay Bo Diddley
Writer Gary Nicholson

E A E                                                  A D A
Well now Bo Diddley had him a rocking good time
But he never saw a solitary dime
Well the people may laugh but it just ain’t funny
Well whatever happened to Bo Diddley’s money

Ya know the record man bought him a ragtop car
Said Bo you shore enough a rock and roll star
Ya! know Bo Diddley know there was nothing wrong
When he signed away the rights to all his songs

Well now whatever happened to Bo Diddley’s money
Well whatever happened to Bo Diddley’s money
Somebody pay Bo Diddley, pay Bo Diddley
Please pay Bo Diddley, pay Bo Diddley

He went around the world in a station wagon
He was working the road till his tail was dragging
He kept a whopping and thumping and making um dance
Ya know he never ever saw a cash advance


Well now Bo Diddley he never saw enough
From I’m a Man or Who Do You Love
Well they ain’t just a cheating a rock and roll singer
Remember Bo Diddley is a gun slinger


Call the FBI
Call the IRS
Call up BMI
Call up Leonard Chess

Somebody pay Bo Diddley, Pay Bo Diddley
4 times and out
Song sounds like Fade Away and Bo Diddleys a gun slinger.  Play with a driving beat.  I 
Gary Nicholson, a great writer and singer wrote this as a tribute to Bo and a slam to 
who steal the works of writers for profit.
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