Gateway Worship - Overtaken chords

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G2                                    C2
Jesus Christ I worship and adore You; Every day I live, Iím living for You
Em7            D                     G2  D
What else can I say, Youíve overtaken me
G2                                     C2
Every day with You is getting better; Every word from You is like a treasure
Em7	      D                         C2 D
Giving all of me, Iím finding more of You

G2                       Em7
God, Youíre taking over, all of me Iím letting go so
C2                D               G2  D
You can come and have Your way in me
G2                       Em7 
Leave it all behind for Jesus, You saved my life, now
C2           D              G2  D
Every day I worship You my King

G2                                     C2
Jesus Christ I thank You for the love Youíve given me, though I deserve nothing
Em7         D			    G2  D
Everything I have, I owe it all to You
G2                                       C2
Nothing that this world has got to offer satisfies my soul, I still hunger
Em7           D			   C2  D
Pouring out my soul, Iím filling up with You	

C2               D           Em7             D/F# 
Itís only by the blood; itís only through the cross, 
         C2  D     Em7
You have overtaken me.
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