Gateway Worship - Kindness chords

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Verse 1
G    D/F#    Em     D
Open up the skies of mercy
G    D/F#    Em          D
Rain down the cleansing flood
G       D/F#    Em        D
Healing waters rise around us
C                    D
Hear our cries Lord, Let Ďem rise

           C        G
Itís Your kindness, Lord
That leads us to repentance
      C      G            Am
Your, favor Lord, is our desire
           C      G
Itís Your beauty Lord 
That makes us stand in silence 
      C                       G
Your Love, is better than life

Verse 2
We can feel Your mercy falling
You are turning our hearts back again
Hear our praises rise to heaven
Draw us near Lord, meet us here
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