Gateway Worship - Love chords

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Intro: There is Love, There is Love  x2

Verse 1:
         C#(G)            F#(C)
When our hope is hard to find
          C#(G)        F#(C)
And our faith is in decline
           Bb(Em)          Ab(D)
we need a cause to stand behind

Verse 2
We all want the way it feels
The time it comes, the time it steals
what remains, what is real
          F#(C)           Ab(D)
There is love there is forgiveness
          F#(C)            Ab(D)
There is love in times of need
             F#(C)             Ab(D)
When life is cold there is a promise
        Bb(Em) Ab(D) F#(C)
You will never go without

it heals the sick, converts the weak
breaks the proud, raises the meek
in this life no guarantees
There is love


Love is the answer
love will find a way
when we love one another
its a brighter day


Outro: C#(G), F#(C)
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