Gene Autry - Jail Song chords

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   C            Am7                           G7
Oh I'm a young cowboy they say I've done wrong
          C          Am7       G7            C   
While I'm restin' in jail I'll sing you a song
C7    F                   C             
Of a young cowpuncher who rode into town
             C7            D7             G7
And a county marshall they say he shot down
     C        Em   C7              F           C  
They say they will hang him but he ain't gonna frown
                      G7         C
(yodel) Woopee ti yi yippee ti yo

Oh I'm a young cowboy I've landed in jail
Won't a kind hearted Cowboy come furnish some bail
There ain't no justice in this calaboose(?)
But I'd get some justice if I could get loose
I've talked to the jailor but it ain't any use
Whoopee Ti yi yippee ti yo

Oh I'm a young cowboy not bad but I'm bold
My side of the story is gonna be told
They'll find their mistaken they've got the wrong man
I'll figure a way to get out of this jam
I'm tired of eatin my grub from a can
Whoopee Ti yi yippee ti yo
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