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Gene Clark - Denver Or Wherever tab

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Denver or Wherever     

A                     E             D       A
Born in the back of a shack down in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
D                             E 
They tried to make him bad he looked up 
    D         A
and said 'I'm no loser'
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           D           E              D                        A            
'Cause for nickels and dimes he could play his guitar he could rhyme
   D                 A        G      D       A
He could do it every time, in Denver, or wherever

He left his happy home, his mamma she sat lowing, she was crying 
You know he went out on the road,
that's the only life that he knew worked fine 


You know he would've took a wife if he had any kind of life
he could give to her

Chorus +:
He could do it every time, either in Denver, or forever

by: Josť Duarte
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