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Gene Clark - Nothin But An Angel tab

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Nothin' But an Angel

B                  G#m 
Take it from a fool, 
                      B                  G#m
You're nothin' but an angel, listen to a fool 
                 B                                   G#m
How could you be earth bound when you have no golden rules?

A             E         B
I've seen you do such incredible things
A           E             B
You took me over when you spread your wings
A          E               B
You're the answer to these foolish dreams
C#m            A                 F#
Take it from a fool in love with you
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Heaven must have sent you, do angels ever stray?
How could you be here with me so many light years away?

When you touch me, you make me fly
I am here ... why oh why
You're the answer to my prayer
Be with you here ... be with you there

G#m 									 E
Well here I'm walkin' on the ground my heart and soul are chained down
G#m                            E                       F#
And you come and touch my soul and at once you make me whole

If nothing is forever then nothing is profound
How can you believe in me when I am here earth bound?

You have such an incredible face
You fell from heaven ... but not from grace
I knew you came from a special space
Take it from this fool ... in love with you

Angel ... take it from a fool
You're an angel ... listen to a fool
You gave me my heart
You're nothin' but an angel

by: Josť Duarte
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