Gene Clark - Dangerous Games tab

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Dangerous Games

Intro (very simplified): 
  Bb     C           (3X) G  C  D  G  C   

F                  Bb       C
Got a message this morning
F                   Bb     C
And the message was clear
F                        Dm
She's changing planes in New Orleans
       Am               Csus4  C
Moving back to this hemisphere

F                     Bb    C
She got too lonely in Rio
F                Bb    C
Going out of her mind
F                Dm
Hard to keep her profile down
       Am             Csus4  C
With a face so well defined

Dm		      Bb
Now she swears it's behind her
C                 Am
All the smugglers schemes
Bb               C   
How could such a nightmare
Come out of such a beautiful dream
Dm                        Bb
Who would think you'd get lonely
     C                  Am
In a town that knows no shame
Bb                  C
Where the biggest attraction
Is playing dangerous games
Playing dangerous games

Started out in Vallarta
On just a innocent fling
She took it back to Newport Beach
And turned it into a diamond ring

But one thing led to another
She got caught up in a tide
She was the queen of the social scene
With all the jokers by her side

Chorus + Intro
A South American sailor
Who wore the naval tattoo
Took her so much higher than
Any man she ever knew

In all the capital cities
He's known by numerous names
When the heat came down on the underground
His name was already changed


In the festival season
Right in the middle of town
Man was there with an icy stare
To make sure that the deal went down

And just as quick as it started
It was over and done
The icy stare turned into a flare
On the fire of his gun

Chorus and end w\ intro

by: Josť Duarte
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